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Buying a home involves a strategic step-by-step approach.  We will guide you through every step along the way to make this as simple and easy for you as possible.  We encourage you to ask any questions before and at any point while we work through the following steps. 

Buying Process

Step 1 | Have Initial Phone Consultation

Let’s discuss the type of home you would like to buy. Call (224) 221-7170.

Step 2 | Get pre approved

Speak to a lender of your choice or through one of our preferred lenders to come up with the price point for your next home.

Step 4 | Schedule showings

Provide us with a list of homes you are interested in and your availability to see them.

Step 5 | Make an Offer

We assist you with all the paperwork and submit your offer.

Step 6 | Select an Attorney

It is very important to use a real estate attorney. We can provide a list of attorneys who our clients have used and were happy with their services.

Step 7 | Negotiate Terms

As a full service broker, we work for you to make sure that you are able to get the best terms including purchase price, preferred closing date and amount of earnest money needed to secure the home.

Step 8 | Home Inspection

Have a professional home inspection.  We want to make sure that everything in the home is in working condition.   A list of inspectors who our clients have used in the past can be provided.  We will review the inspector’s report with you to determine if anything in the home will need to be repaired by the seller prior to closing. 

Step 9 | Finalize the financing (if using a lender)

Work with your lender to finalize all paperwork needed and receive the “clear to close”

Step 10 | Closing | Marcus Real Estate Group

We made it! This is where you will sign the final documents with your attorney and get the keys to your new home.


At the closing, you will receive 50% of the buyer’s agent commission. You can use this to pay your closing costs, moving fees, buy new furniture or anything else you choose. It’s YOUR CASH!