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Real estate broker for 10 years and over 100 homes sold.

Darin started his career in 2011 beginning with investing in flipping homes and acquiring rental properties.  After his formal education as well as self-study of all things real estate, he built on that foundation with the best learning experience of all by immersing himself in real estate opportunities.   Each purchase and sale brought new insight, which supports his vast knowledge. 

Concurrent with his own real estate investments, he transitioned into being a full-service broker helping clients buy and sell their homes.  Whether investing in his own properties or representing clients buying and selling their homes, he makes sure that every home is bought and sold at the right price.  When buying a home sometimes the right price is under the list price and other times the right price is the full asking price.  A list price essentially is a suggested price of what the owner would like.  However, that may not be market value and one needs to understand the difference.  Each home purchase and sale has its own set of circumstances which all need to be taken into consideration. 

With his background in real estate investing and working with many homeowners and other investors, Darin understands how important it is for you to get the best deal when you buy and sell a home.  Your home is often the largest single investment you will make.

Darin realized that over the past few years both buyers and sellers are doing a lot of their own research online.  With endless amounts of information available to consumers directly, the need to use an agent to obtain information has become less significant.  With YOU doing all your own research, YOU should receive part of the commission.  That is where we come in for your benefit to help you save thousands when you buy and sell a home. 

Darin is a full-service broker who will be by your side guiding you throughout the entire process so that you are successful in achieving your real estate goals.  Whether it’s buying your first home, your dream home, an investment property, or selling your home, Darin has you covered.