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Selling a home involves a strategic step-by-step approach. We will guide you through every step along the way to make this as simple and easy for you as possible. We encourage you to ask any questions before and at any point while we work through these steps.

Selling Process

Step 1: Have Initial Phone Consultation | Marcus Real Estate Group

Let’s discuss your goals and the best way for you to achieve them. Call (224) 221-7170.

Step 2 | Tour Your Home

Set up a time to come see your home. We will walk through it room by room and view it as if we are buying the home. Then we will come up with suggestions for you to get the most money for your home.

Step 3 | Sign Listing Documents

Sign listing agreement and applicable disclosures. We go over the strategy for marketing your home and come up with the list price based on the condition of your home, recent sales and current homes on the market we will be competing with.

Step 4 | Create Marketing Materials

Take professional pictures, video and digital floor plan, build brochures and a website dedicated to your home, schedule first open house.

Step 5 | Market Home as A “Pocket Listing”

Place your home in the private listing network, private broker groups and other places to give buyers the exclusive opportunity to buy your home before it hits the open market.

Step 6 | List Your Home

Your home goes live in the MLS (multiple listing service), Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and 100’s of other websites for maximum exposure. Showings will be scheduled with potential buyers.

Step 7 | Receive an Offer

Once we receive an offer we will review it together and discuss the terms. We negotiate the terms to make sure they are the best possible terms for you. Once terms are agreed on both you and the buyer will sign the contract.

Step 8 | Select an Attorney

It is very important to use a real estate attorney. We can provide you with a list of attorneys who our clients have used and were happy with their services.

Step 9 | Finalize All Terms

The buyer will have their inspection and may have requests for repairs or credits. We will discuss and negotiate the final terms together with your attorney.

Step 10 | Closing

The buyer will receive their “clear to close”. At that time we will schedule the closing. This is where you will sign the final documents with your attorney and provide the keys to the buyer.


You made it! We successfully sold your home and with all the savings in commission you will have extra money to use however you’d like. Enjoy a fancy dinner, some new furniture or take a nice vacation.